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    Industrial Designers are like Ice Cream, we come in a variety of flavors. Some are like Orange Sherbet, no non-sense with a strong understanding of engineering. Some are like Hazelnut White Chocolate with excellent taste and flair. There are a few of us are in the middle of the freezer, we are the Cookies and Cream.


    We like to mix untraditional ingredients into our design logic. I like to draw inspiration from different industries and sub-cultures. I love applying Cross-over technology where possible. My recipe has allowed me to work on successful products in different industries. The same thought process is applied to every project, large or small, this process begins with the question of 'WHY'. Its a question of defiance against conformity.

    Normal is inexcusable.





    I'm grateful to have followed a path in the creative business, its my passion. With the early development of Nano electronics, Smart materials and new manufacturing processes...

    its a very exciting time to be an Industrial Designer.


    Everyone loves cookies.


                                                   -Jaime Ramos

  • Interests

    There are some who like to bring their work home, I dont stop after I punch out, I come home to many pet projects. Current projects include: Building a CB350 Four Cafe, an E30 drift car and restoring a 1938 'Lucy Phone'. I surround myself with things of mechanical beauty, some might call it 'Ocean Trash' but I appreciate it more than the fish do. In my free time I tend the yard and ponder why my garage reeks and how does a full tank of fuel in a Vespa evaporate in a week.


    When I do find fuel that wasn't inhaled by mice and rats, I burn it on the backroads.

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    If you are like most web surfers, you are reading this after browsing every page that interested you. At this point you are probably wondering why the excess use of Helvetica.... (Some might even be irate). My apologies. I chose Helvetica because its a web safe font, any web browser in the world can read the exact same font, yes, even a desktop in a hot, steamy internet cafe in Lagos, Nigeria.


                 Helvetica, since 1957 (Nigeria, since 1963).

"I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe."

-Jango Fett